Raisons d'ĂȘtre
by Katerina Beth
{Gratituesday: April 16, 2013}
Wednesday April 17, 2013

I forgot to post this last night. The past few weeks have been extremely insane with things at work, and then my thesis and other grad class, and trying to make time for myself so I don’t go crazy. So here’s the list I made yesterday:

Today I’m grateful for:

  • The health and safety of those my friends and family, particularly my Boston area friends, some of whom were at the Marathon but were fortunately not [physically] harmed.
  • The good people in the world, the “helpers” (to use Mr. Rogers’ words)
  • The physicians I’m working with on my thesis who have made it just a bit less stressful and have been extremely helpful in connecting me with others who are good to network with for future professional opportunities
  • Getting back in ballet class and walking out feeling good about myself, rather than defeated and frustrated (what a difference an instructor can make)
  • Taking time to do something fun for myself and spending the night at the wine bar on Friday with a good friend and not worrying about all the work I had to do
  • Officially renewing my apartment lease last week. It was adding crazy stress I didn’t need, and even though they raised my rent, I did talk them down a little bit and now don’t have to worry about moving to a smaller place or trying to move the weekend my thesis is due.