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Friday Night Wine Bar


A friend from my graduate program and I have been talking about trying this cute new wine bar for awhile, but for various reasons we kept postponing it. Finally, last night we decided to give it a try. The place is adorable and really intimate (aka tiny), which is nice, complete with cards at the bar.

I had never had garnache, so I gave it a try. They really serve generous glasses of wine, which is why after 2.5 glasses in 3 hours I was ready to call it a night:


The owner bought my friend and I our second drinks because “your glasses are empty and that makes me sad”, and then he wanted to finish off the bottles so he gave us another half glass. There was also a guitar player who was playing some awesome 90’s music, and as the bar was closing went into a Jesus Christ Superstar medley.

We also were trying to remember how to play rummy, but really just made it up as we went along:


Best of all, I woke up this morning without a hangover and feeling fine (although still a little spinny at times). Unfortunately, the wine didn’t help motivate me to analyze all my data for my thesis, which is what I should be doing right now instead of watching Love It or List It.

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