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{Gratituesday: February 19, 2013}

Today I am grateful for:

  • Having the sweetest cat imaginable. I never knew I could love a feline so much (having grown up with puppies). She makes coming home extra special, and she was especially cuddly tonight.
  • My studio apartment. I barely left my apartment all weekend and it was so content to just sit back and enjoy it.
  • An exciting opportunity that I’m not yet at liberty to discuss, but could be an amazing chance to do some cool things.
  • A crazy schedule at work this week, but loving what I’m doing so it doesn’t matter.
  1. angiepantstakesontheworld said: Puppies are fun and adorable, but cats are lovely and like mini furry people :)
  2. katerinabeth posted this

College academics manager.
(formerly an academic advisor).
Dancer. Pescetarian. INTJ.
Mother to an adorable bengal-like tabby cat known as Calliecakes.

Northwestern Double Alumna:
B.A. in Communication
M.S. in Higher Education

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